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  • CY-101


    Features and uses: Serial number:101 Weight:1.32±0.02Size Specifications:10*2.5ET offset:3.5PCD Screw holes:ø15.5PCD Pitch circle:4*100CB Center hole:63.1 Colour:whit...
  • CY-103


    Features and uses: Serial number:103 Weight:1.38±0.02Size Specifications:10*2.5ET Offset:3.5PCD Screw holes:ø15.5PCD Pitch circle:4*100CB Center hole:63.1 Colour:Blac...
  • CY-104 front wheel

    CY-104 front wheel

    Features and uses: Serial number:104front wheel Weight:1.52±0.02Size Specifications:10*2.5ET Offset:0PCD Screw holes:ø15 shaft Colour:BlackApplicable model reference: ...
  • CY-104 rear wheel

    CY-104 rear wheel

    Features and uses: Serial number:104rear wheel Weight:1.34±0.02Size Specifications:10*2.5ET Offset:3.5PCD Screw holes:ø15.5PCD Pitch circle:4*100CB Center hole:63.1 C...

Chi Ya aluminum industry·Technological superiorityOne stop electric vehicle hub manufacturing expert

Skilled·Craftsmanship·Character——Make product span larger, higher viewing value, lower corporate cost

Chiya Aluminum·Do one thingMaking high-quality products

Focus on quality products for many yearsAchieve industry reputation brand

>Committed to the national electric vehicles, vehicles to provide

New concept, new experience, new technology of the car hub.

>Mainly engaged in electric vehicle hub manufacturing.


Product quality assuranceCooperation with many high-quality factories across the country

>Strong capital and technical force, product quality

>Relying on product performance, innovation and after-sales service to build a good reputation in the automotive hub industry

>Adhere to the "integrity, rigorous, professional" core values

>Our cooperative factories are located in more than ten cities and signed long-term cooperation agreements with large enterprises.


Intimate after-sales service guaranteePeace of mind

>24-hour online customer service quick response for your service

>Construction plan to provide a complete service and planning

>To provide customers with a good after-sales service system.



Henan Chiya Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Henan chi Asia aluminum co., LTD. Is a modern factory, covering an area of 18000 square, the existing staff of 140 people, 11 senior engineers, production capacity of 1.2 million pieces, specializing in the production of motorcycles, electric cars, automotive aluminum alloy wheels, the company has the preparation of aluminum ingots, smelting, heat treatment, shot blasting process, coating, machining centers, all products have passed the inspection of quality supervision, and passed the ISO9001 certification. The products are in full compliance with national and international technical standards.




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